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A wikichorus vocal is a recording of one or all the voice parts of a version of a song. The recommended file format for vocals is Vorbis Audio (ogg/oga).

Listen template

Vocals are included in the version section using a listen template.

| filename    =
| title       =
| description =

If a red link for the vocal you are submitting appears on the page, click it to go to the file upload page. If the link for the vocal does not appear you should include it in a listen template. Example:

| filename    = Aseda 1 tenor.ogg
| title       = Tenor                  
| description = Tenor vocals for Aseda version 1

You can go to the upload page by clicking 'Upload file' in the sidebar but you still have to add the listen template to the version section.

Destination filename

If you came to the upload page by clicking a red link, the destination filename input will be pre-filled. The file uploader will gripe if the extension of your vocal does not match the extension of the destination filename. Change the file extension of the destination filename if necessary. For example, if destination filename is 'Aseda 1 tenor.ogg' and you are uploading 'My vocal.mp3', then change destination filename to 'Aseda 1 tenor.mp3'. If you change the destination filename, then you must edit the version section on the page and change the filename to match.