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Welcome to Wikichorus, the open sol-fa songbook

Wikichorus is a community-maintained collection of song sheets in sol-fa notation that anyone can contribute to. It is intended to be both a written record of cherished choruses in an easy-to-read format and an audio record of the same so they can be interpreted accurately.

Browsing Wikichorus

Here are a few ways to browse wikichorus:

Contributing to Wikichorus

You can contribute to wikichorus in a few ways: New song sheet pages, new versions, lyrics, vocals and medleys. Any of these elements is added by editing an existing page or creating a new one.


To edit an existing page, just click the "Edit" tab at the top of the page.

Editing and creating pages requires a basic knowledge of wikitext and sol2snd sol-fa shorthand. (For uniformity, all song sheets are formatted using sol2snd formatter.)

For details on how to write a wikichorus song page see Help:Editing songs.

For details on how to write a wikichorus medley page see Help:Editing medleys.


Before you try to create a page, please search for a song title to make sure it has not been created already under a similar title. If you attempt to create a page with the same title as an existing one, you will be directed to the edit page for the existing one. If you are ready to create a page, enter its title here.

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