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Wikichorus is a community-maintained collection of song sheets in sol-fa notation that anyone can contribute to. It is intended to be both a written record of cherished choruses in an easy-to-read format and an audio record of the same so they can be interpreted accurately.

Wikichorus Elements

Wikichours is a combination of these elements: song sheets, lyrics, vocals and medleys. A medley page contains a list of songs intended to be sung in sequence. A song page contains the lyrics, vocals and versions of the song.

New song sheets

For uniformity, all song sheets are formatted using sol2snd formatter. Songs can be edited in sol2snd sol-fa shorthand.


Songs evolve and contributors may know the same song with slight variations. To depict this wikichorus allows different versions of a song on the song page. You can add a version from scratch or start with a copy of an existing one.


You can add lyrics or correct existing ones.


Wikichorus initially sequences the tune so its music can be heard. But to truly hear the song with words wikichorus needs vocals. Anyone can submit a recording of the vocal performance of one voice part or the entire harmony. Submitting a single voice part helps learners filter out the part they are learning.


To suggest a medley simply select and order the song titles of the songs in the medley and add its suggested uses.